What do Chili, Bug Days, & Hospice have in common?

Well one day a year these 3 beautiful things have the Johnny Tillemans’ Memorial Chili Cook Off in common! This year, the Cook Off (in conjunction with Minneota “Bug Days”) is Saturday, September 7th. The Competition is open to the public for anyone to show up and compete, the cooking starts at sunrise.
Before you read on, go through this flow chart to determine if you are a “Cook” or a “Foodie”
“The Cook”
Soooo why should you compete you ask? You mean other than for complete bragging rights? Prizes are given out for Judge’s Choice: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place; AND for People’s choice: Best Booth & Best Chili. If you really need more convincing after that, all the funds raised get donated back to Prairie Home Hospice. So that’s pretty neat too! Now that you have determined yourself “Chili Extraordinaire” let’s get you signed up! All you need to do is give us a call at 507-337-0080. OR Email cassi.weiss@Prairiehomehospice.org and that’s it! Show up that morning and get to cookin’
“The Foodie”
You don’t like cooking chili, or you don’t think you can compete for some odd reason?? We have just the thing for you… come and sample the chili and vote for your favorite! The tasting is just $1 a sample. After you have tried them all and you are really hungry

for a bowl of your favorite, we have that option also.. bowls are $3. We need your expertise in knowing the best chili…. So, come down to the event take pictures of the food and vote for People’s Choice! Show up Saturday around 11am & we will start eating while supplies last!

More information on the Event Here:

Facebook Event


Bug Days Website

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