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Lockwood House

This five-bedroom home is for patients who have no one available to care for them in their own home, or for those who require more care than their loved ones can give. Patients live their final days with round-the-clock care and support by the Prairie Home Hospice team. It is a home with a living room, kitchen, dining area and five individual bedrooms. The patient and family remain in control of their treatment and daily activities to the extent they are able to do so. Family can visit their loved one and help in their care.

The house has a nurse’s station for record keeping and medication, laundry facilities, supply area, and a special shower and bathing room. Each bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate special medical equipment, has a large window, a half bathroom, hospital bed, recliner, closet and dresser.

McLaughlin House

In 2016 we recognized the need for another residential hospice house to serve the community, given a consistent and growing waiting list at our Lockwood House. After exploring options, we purchased a home in Marshall and opened it in 2018. At McLaughlin House we have at least two clinical staff providing direct care for up to four residents 24/7, ensuring that each patient receives the care and attention they deserve. Volunteers and additional staff will support the care team by providing a variety of cares and services in a cozy, comfortable home environment. McLaughlin House also offers a Family Suite to accommodate family members who wish to stay close to their loved on during the day, night, weekend, or for extended periods of time.

NOTE: There is a daily room and board fee for residents of the hospice house; however, no one will be denied admission due to lack of funds. To assure this, ongoing support of the hospice house will always be needed.

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McLaughlin House Tour Video