Without all of these events that we host each year the services that we provide would not be possible. We are very fortunate to receive strong support from individuals, businesses, and other organizations in the communities we serve. Typically, about 17% of our budget comes from donations, memorials, fundraising or other community support. The support we receive is very critical to the work we do and the quality of hospice care and services we provide. Quite simply, we could not do what we do or provide the same quality of care we provide, without the generous support of the communities we serve. It is what sets us apart and allows us to continue to provide a traditional brand of hospice that keeps the focus on the patient and family…always.

2021 Annual Partnership Pledge

We are now offering an opportunity for local organizations, individuals, and businesses to become year-round sponsors. This year-round sponsorship allows you to help support all that Prairie Home Hospice offers, and helps provide the necessary funds for coordinating all of our annual fundraisers.
Please follow the link below to see more information about becoming a Sponsor for all of our year-round events!

Annual Partnership Pledge Benefits Editable – Edited 9.14.21

Please feel free to contact us at 507-337-0080 with any questions related to our Annual Partnership Pledge.