Interested in Being Part of Our Team?

Interested in employment opportunities with Prairie Home Hospice and Community Care? Please contact us at 507-337-0080 or email There is an application form available on this page for you to print off and send in if you wish to do so. You may also stop in our office at 1108 East College Drive, Marshall MN 56258.

Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care is currently accepting applications for:

1 FT or 2 PT – Overnight Nurse
1 PT Day Shift Nurse

1 PT Day Shift Aide
3 PT Overnight Aides

1 Weekend Day Shift Aide
1 FT Evening Aide
2 PT Evening Aides
2 PT Overnight Aides

Here are just a few reasons why you may want to consider being a part of our team:

Our Commitment to Our Staff

Prairie Home believes quality care begins with a highly qualified team who have dedicated their lives to service and compassionate caring, and are provided the support, training and tools they need to do their job to the best of their ability. Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care takes great pride in our team. We believe our team of caregivers is exceptional, and that’s not by accident. We strive to employ the best, because that’s what our clients deserve! We are committed to supporting our team in a manner that allows them to be the best they can be, and we provide staffing levels that allow our care staff the time they need to provide the kind of care that every person deserves and has the right to expect.

Employee Satisfaction

In our most recent employee survey, 100% of employees responding indicated:

Their job is rewarding
They are passionate about their job
They are satisfied with their job
They feel the organization’s primary focus is attending to the needs of our patients and families
They feel they contribute positively to the organization’s success
They feel they are making a positive difference with the work they do through this organization
97% of the employees responding indicated the organization values their contribution to the team

Competitive Compensation Package

Competitive wages/salaries.
6 weeks of paid Personal Time Off each year based on FTE
Health, vision and dental benefits for those who work at least 30 hours/week – employer pays 70% of cost. Employee may choose level of coverage and other optional health related benefits.
Health Savings Accounts – employer contributes $50/month for those who work at least 30 hours/week. Employees may contribute additional.
Simple IRA Retirement Plan - beginning 1/1/19 employer will contribute a match of up to 3% of salaries for those who earn at least $5,000/year.
Employer will provide a $15,000 Life Insurance for those employees who work at least 30 hours/week.

Other Benefits of Working for Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care

Our direct care staff generally work (or are on call) only 1 weekend per month and rotate holidays equally.
We work with staff to accommodate scheduling preferences the best that we can whenever possible, with the mutual understanding and commitment to always putting the needs of our patients first.
We value family and strive to be as flexible as possible in our scheduling to allow the time off that our employees request, so that they are able to make their families a priority whenever possible. Requests for time-off are rarely denied. Our team does a great job of covering for each other to make this possible.
We offer an employee scholarship program.