Our Team

Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care takes great pride in our team. We believe our team of caregivers is exceptional, and that’s not by accident. We strive to employ the best, because that’s what our clients deserve! We are committed to supporting our team in a manner that allows them to be the best they can be, and we provide staffing levels that allow our care staff the time they need to provide the kind of care that every person deserves and has the right to expect.

Through our Quality Initiative, we commit to a standard that requires all of our care staff to be certified and/or licensed – and we provide training throughout the year to ensure they have opportunities for continuous learning.

  • Pat Mellenthin, CEO
  • Nicole Jacobson, RN, Clinical Director
  • Mindy Hofer, RN Case Manager/McLaughlin House Supervisor
  • Brenda Matthys, RN Case Manager/Lockwood House Supervisor
  • Sueann Paulson, RN Case Manager
  • Mandy Sanow, Clinical Associate
  • Joyce Arends, MSW, LICSW, Director of Quality & Social Services
  • Shelly Versaevel, LSW, Social Worker
  • Tara Plante, Marketing & Development Director
  • Sirrina Martinez, Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Karen VanKeulen, Administrative Support Specialist
  • Cassi Weiss, Development Associate
  • Angela Johnson, Finance Manager
  • Pam Hess, Human Resources Manager
  • Trudy Banks, Office Coordinator/HR Assistant
  • Terry Fisher, Maintenance
  • Meagan Tolk, Spa Manager/CNA
  • Dr. Gary Skrien, Medical Director
  • Dr. Tim Michals, Assistant Medical Director

RN's & LPN's

  • Lynn Andries, LPN
  • Kelli Blaisdell, LPN
  • Kayla Buesing, RN
  • Esther Evens, RN
  • Wendy DeMuth Black, LPN
  • Amy Lamfers, LPN
  • Natalie McPhail, LPN
  • Janet Masese, LPN
  • Angel Nelson, LPN
  • Katie Nelson, LPN
  • Jane Plaetz, LPN
  • Missy Redding, LPN
  • Nancy Reisdorfer, LPN
  • Evelyn Schmidt, RN
  • Carolyn Vandendriessche, LPN
  • Wendy Vierstraete, LPN

CNA / Aide

  • Carol Carlson
  • Karla Cifuentes
  • Danielle Clapp
  • Lori Coleman
  • Janice Drietz
  • Barb Fry
  • Hamdi Hassen
  • McKinley Johansen
  • Katie Kindvall
  • Eliud Kipruto
  • Jasmine Kix
  • April Lamote
  • Mary Lindsay
  • Marlys Marczak
  • Maddie Marks
  • Grant Martinson
  • Sydney Mauch
  • Maddy Penske
  • LuAnn Pohlen
  • Shannon Rahm
  • Teresa Slagel
  • Karissa Tofte
  • Megan Tolk
  • Rachel Vankeulen
  • Rosemary Vanmeveren
  • Connie Vega
  • Suzanne Victor
  • Joana Villeda Pedroza
  • Blythe Zeug


  • Dr. Gary Skrien, Medical Director
  • Dr. Tim Michals, Assistant Medical Director


  • Corlys Knudson
  • Ken Noyes
  • Anne Veldhuisen
  • Coleen Tully

Board of Directors (2019 Board)

  • Larry Johnson, President
  • Dr. Bart Johnson, Vice President
  • Kelly Ritter Brunsvold
  • Laurae Hively
  • Ellen Garvin
  • Deb Herrmann
  • Dr. Jeff Bell
  • John Allen
  • Cecil Naatz
  • Dr. Robert Hennen
  • Dan Snobl
  • Jason Klein
  • John Devos

Advisory Members (Non-Voting)

  • Pat Mellenthin
  • Lynn West, Past President