The Importance of our Business Partnerships

We have so many incredible, successful, thriving, amazing businesses in this community.  Businesses and organizations that come in all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of history in their roots.  Here at Prairie Home Hospice we know that this community understands that keeping our small, rural communities vibrant requires strong partnerships and a shared commitment to working together to make our community the best that it can be.  We are always looking for ways to provide opportunities and create environments where our citizens, families and businesses can thrive. Although Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care has had partnerships with many local businesses over the past 34 years; a few years ago, we decided to implement a Business Partnership Program into our organization that highlights those many Business Partnerships.  These Partnerships simply share in our commitment to making our community a better place to live and work through their community efforts, gifts, donations, volunteerism, activism, and overall support of our mission here at Prairie Home Hospice.

As good corporate citizens, we understand that our local businesses receive numerous requests for donations and support throughout every single year, including various requests from our staff and volunteers; for several different events that we run annually.  As loyal supporters of Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care, we wanted a way to make it easier for us to offer our area Businesses a few options that would consolidate the number of requests we make each year. We have created this Business Partnership Program to provide our area Businesses and Organizations an opportunity to review various giving opportunities for the year and select those that they would like to support at the level they choose.  We offer meetings with these Businesses once a year, as opposed to several times a year.

We started this program to make it convenient and economical for our local Businesses to continue to support Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care and the work that we do. During our Business Partnership meetings, we also provide information regarding our fundraising philosophy and strategies and go over all of the benefits of a Partnership with us. We hope the information that we provide helps you better understand how critical your support is, as we strive to provide quality care to those we serve now and well into the future. This is vitally important as we work to care for the aging population in our local communities.  As a nonprofit organization, we take our responsibility and commitment to serving the community very seriously. With your help, we will continue to play a role in making our community a better place to live and work!  Again, we are incredibly grateful for all of the Business Partnerships that we have made over the past 30 years; we are always striving to build on that incredible list.

If you are interested in a Business Partnership with Prairie Home Hospice, please contact Tara Plante at 337-0080 or

Current Business Partners:

AP Design
Bladholm Construction
Bisbee P & H
Coleman Electric
D & G Excavating
Henle Print Group
Lockwood Motors; Abra; The Shine Center

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