PRESS RELEASE: Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care Celebrates National Hospice Month

Throughout the entire month of November, Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care will be celebrating National Hospice Month and what it means to Prairie Home Hospice, its families, and our patients.

A large part of our organization’s mission is ‘debunking’ the misconceptions about what it means to be ‘on Hospice’ or near the end of your life. It is a very challenging time, for sure, but it can also be a very special time – educationally, emotionally, and historically, for so many of us as well. Prairie Home Hospice commits time to this month on awareness, education, recognition, and gratitude for everything that centers around Hospice Care.

Prairie Home Hospice offers Hospice and Homecare Services, wherever you choose to have them. That can mean anything from medication management, to light cleaning, to help with bathing, comfort, whatever that individual needs really, wherever they feel comfortable receiving that care.  We have two local Hospice Homes, and an assisted living facility that we offer our services in. However, we can offer these services at almost any assisted living facility, nursing homes, adult care center, family home, or private residence. The choice is always yours, and the care level is decided with the help of your medical care team. If anyone ever has any questions about the kind of services that Prairie Home offers, and where, or payment/insurance options etc., we are here to help 24/7, just call us at 507-337-0080. If someone desires to designate PHH as their future provider for Home Care and/or Hospice Services it is as simple as noting so in a basic care directive or will of medical testament, and letting your family, loved ones, and medical staff know your wishes early.  Most current and past residents of Prairie Home Hospice have been sure of their choice for many years, and they make it known to their loved ones and providers as often as they can.

Prairie Home Hospice hopes that this community knows, and feels, that almost everything that they do, is to support this strong community, to keep it the amazing place that it is to live, and to provide comfort to those who have built it for them and its future generations. It IS about providing quality Hospice Care for years and years to come, and they can only continue to do that with the support of this amazing community. For Hospice Month, throughout November, HyVee will be donating to Prairie home Hospice, once again with their Red Bag Program and loose change jars at each register. There are always ways to donate time or money, honor loved ones, and support PHH and the entire community by supporting them at their “Light To Remember” Community Events on the weekend of November 19th-21st, or their “Light Up the Night Event” at Independence Park throughout each weekend in December. Prairie Home would also like to recognize their community partners in Hospice and Homecare during this month as well, providing these services truly takes a village, and they realize that they could never do it alone.  They salute all healthcare workers in every stage of life…but the ones that are there at the end, will always hold a very special place in their Hospice hearts.


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