National Volunteer Month

April is a very special month for us here at Prairie Home Hospice and Community Care! It is the month that we get to

recognize our fabulous volunteers that make our organization everything that it is!  We have meal volunteers that go each day to prepare the noon meal for the residents at both the Lockwood and McLaughlin Hospice Houses.  Our patient volunteers visit residents anywhere from once a week, to twice a month,  or once a month to play cards or games, read to patients, or to reminisce about their lives and family.  We have some volunteers that play the piano or even sing songs, anything that brings joy and happiness to our patients. Many of our volunteers tell us often how lucky they are to do this as it brings as much joy/reward to the volunteers as it does to the residents. I think that is the main reason many of our volunteers have been here since 2004 and are still with us today!  We are incredibly fortunate to have these wonderful people! Isn’t that the purpose here on this earth, to make others happy? We also have many fantastic volunteers that help us take care of our facilities.  An amazing group of people help us every year to mow, keep up the landscaping, plant flowers and vegetables, and weed the gardens etc.  Dozens of tremendous individuals, clubs, groups, businesses, and organizations help us each and every year throughout our many, many fundraising events as well! There is certainly something different for everyone to be able to give joy if they have any interest in doing so! Wouldn’t you like to join us?!  You can reach Deb at 507-337-0080 and she would be happy to get you started.


Please check out our website at and/or any of our social media accounts to see what our PHH family is all about!  Although our volunteer team is looking very differently these days, it just makes us even that more aware of how grateful we are for all of them, and how much we truly depend on them.  We are so very anxious to get back to ‘normal’ around here . . involving and embracing all of our many volunteers in our everyday Prairie Home Hospice family.


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