Your Choice, Our Promise — Choosing your designated Home Care and/or Hospice Provider

Your Choice, Our Promise

Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care was established as a free-standing non-profit organization in 1984. As the first hospice in our area, Prairie Home Hospice has long set the standard for end-of-life care in Lyon County and the surrounding area. Today, we continue to lead the way, with innovative programs that honor choices, preserve dignity and address the needs of those we are so privileged to serve.

When hospice or home care is needed, it is your legal right to select the agency you feel will be the best fit for you and your family.

All hospice and home care agencies are not the same. It is important to note that although Prairie Home Hospice has been providing hospice care in Lyon County since 1984, we are no longer the only hospice agency available in Lyon County. That means, if you choose to have Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care provide your home care or hospice services, you must be clear in letting your physician(s), hospital discharge planner and/or others know that you wish to have Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care as your hospice or home care provider. They must respect your choice.


We suggest that anyone ready to designate Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care as their hospice and/or home care provider be clear and prepared in their choice.

Ways to be clear in indicating your choice:
-A card indicating our organization as your choice in your wallet
-Leaving your wishes in a safe and secure location grouped with other important medical and financial documents; such as in a safe at your home, at a lock box at the bank, etc.

-Ensuring that your primary doctor has indicated your choice within your medical records/chart

-Having conversations with your family members prior to the time of needing to seek hospice services, especially with your POA(s).

-Having a living will created, including the indication of your choice of provider.


As you prepare to make this choice, we understand there are many factors involved. It is important to do research, ask questions, and make the choice that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Here are some questions that we suggest asking when making the choice of your preferred Home Care or Hospice Provider:
Is the agency experienced in providing Home Care or Hospice?

-Does the agency have a reputation for providing quality care consistently?

-What levels of staffing does the agency provide? (Ask what the agency’s policies are on providing the time their care staff needs to provide the kind of care you or your loved one needs and deserves)

-Is the Agency responsive? (Ask what a typical response time is when patients call for help and what you can expect if/when you call them for help.

-Does the agency respect patient choice? (Ask what the agency’s policies are on respecting patient’s rights, preferences and beliefs.

-Is the agency a good community partner? That is, has the agency demonstrated a commitment to the community? Do profits generated by the services they provide stay in the community?


When you need us, we’ll be there.

We hope you’ll choose Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care as your care provider if and when you or a loved one needs hospice or home care. Our experienced and qualified care team will meet with you and your family to explain our services; provide information about your options and the kind of care we provide; and help assess your care needs – now or in the future.