Alternative Therapies used by Prairie Home Hospice

Alternative Therapies used by Prairie Home Hospice

Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care is proud to offer many unique therapy options for our clients! Read all about them below.

Pet therapy:
Pet therapy has been shown to improve patient satisfaction, energy levels, self-esteem, and mood, as well as decrease depression. Additional benefits include increased motor skills and movement, improved social skills and verbal communication, decreased boredom, and a more positive outlook. Pet therapy can promote social interaction and encourage exercise and playfulness. It may also have a beneficial effect on physiologic processes, such as reducing cardiovascular disease and stroke risk.
Pet therapy can also be beneficial for family members and other visitors. Family members and visitors, like patients, are under a significant amount of stress. The implementation of pet therapy programs may help address their stress in addition to the patient’s stress. Not only does pet therapy positively affect patients and their visitors, it’s also been shown to decrease stress levels for staff members who interact with the animals, including nurses.
At Prairie Home Hospice, Max, is our current pet therapy dog.  His owner, Jennifer is one of our Social Workers.  Max and Jennifer visit the patients who want pet therapy as often as once per week.  Jennifer is working on becoming an tester/observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs so that we can grow our pet therapy program in the future.

Music therapy:
Music engages the whole brain. It can reduce stress, improve memory, help manage pain, help you sleep better, reduce symptoms of depression, and so much more.
Music therapy can strengthen relationships of all types. Family members of loved ones with dementia often share that singing and dancing to music sparks joy and positive memories.  The different qualities of music can center and calm your body. The creativity of music can help us settle ourselves.
At Prairie Home Hospice we often having music playing in our homes and in patient rooms.  Our Social Workers may share music during their visits and volunteers come in to play piano.
Reverie Harp

The benefits of aromatherapy can be widespread, such as helping reduce stress and anxiety, relieving headaches, and improving the quality of sleep. Which essential oil (or blend of oils) you use would depend on what kind of symptoms you are experiencing.
At Prairie Home Hospice we have several types of aromatherapy: patches, diffusers, and bottles.  Whether it’s anxiety, clarity, nausea or appetite, we can use the aromas associated with that to help patients.

Massage therapy:
Massage uses touch in a sensitive and respectful way, taking account of physical symptoms, wellbeing, and your lifestyle.  It can lower stress, increase immune function, boost mental health and wellness, and help manage pain.
At Prairie Home Hospice, we have a certified massage therapist on staff.  She visits patients who would like massage therapy.  Offering something as little as a hand massage to a little more like leg and back massage.
Massage Therapy

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