Hospice House

Individualized care provided around the clock

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Hospice care with a special touch where ever you reside  

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Home Care

Quality medical care in the comfort of your home

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Palliative Care/Chronic Disease

Learn more about our palliative care and chronic disease management program
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Board of Directors

Lynn West, President
Cecil Naatz, Vice President
Ellen Garvin, Secretary/Treasurer
John Allen, Past President
Dr. Jeff Bell
Kellie Bladholm
Kelly Ritter Brunsvold
Dr. Robert Hennen
Laurae Hively
Dr. Bart Johnson
Larry Johnson
Sandy Nelson
Dan Snobl

Deb Herrmann
Dr. Vince LaPorte

CNA's & TMA's

Mulky Abdullahi
Carol Carlson
Andrea Caron
Lori Coleman
Janice Drietz
Hamdi Hassen
Gabby Hess
Felicia Kponyoh
April Lamote
Mary Lindsay
Marlys Marczak
Grant Martinson
Irene Mbula-Roe
Jade Moorse
Charity Ngelo
LuAnn Pohlen
Shannon Rahm
Maribel Rodriguez
Yasmiin Salad
Teresa Slagel
Rachel VanKeulen
Rosemary VanMeveren
Connie Vega
Griselda Vera
Joana Villeda Pedroza
Blythe Zeug


Pat Mellenthin, CEO
Stacy Johansen, RN, Clinical Director
Mandy Sanow, Clinical Associate
Barb Moore, LSW, Senior Social Worker
Joyce Arends, MSW, LICSW, Quality Manager
Shelly Versaevel, LSW, Hospice Patient Support Specialist/Social Worker
Tara Plante, Marketing & Development Director
Cassi Weiss, Developement Associate
Karen VanKeuelen, Administrative Support Specialist
Roberta Wyatt, Community Outreach Coordinator
Angela Johnson, Billing Manager
Bette Abel, Office/Volunteer Coordinator
Pam Hess, Human Resources Manager
Trudy Banks, Office Coordinator/HR Assistant
Alyssa Edwards, Office Assistant
Nicole Jacobson, RN - Clinical Supervisor
Meagan Tolk, Spa Manager/CNA

Dr. Gary Skrien, Medical Director
Dr. Tim Michals, Assistant Medical Director

RN's & LPN's

Lynn Andries, LPN
Kayla Buesing, RN
Esther Evens, RN
Mindy Hofer, RN
Elias Kipkosgei, LPN
Amy Lamfers, LPN
Brenda Matthys, RN
Angel Nelson, LPN
Sueann Paulson, RN
Jane Plaetz, LPN
Evelyn Schmidt, RN
Carolyn Vandendriessche, LPN
Wendy Vierstraete, LPN


Thomas Chopp
Corlys Knudson

Contact Us

408 E. Main St. Suite 8
Marshall MN, 56258
507-337-0080 Office
507-929-0473 Nights and Weekends
507-337-0081 Fax

Did you know?

If you have a serious illness, click the link for some tips on talking with your doctor: Ask Your Doctor


Upcoming Events

Save the Date!

Tuesday, July 10 2018:
Strike Out Cancer Night

August 9th & 10th 2018:
Tough Enough to wear Pink PRCA Rodeo

December 2018:
Light Up The Nights

Saturday, April 6, 2019:
Charity Event and Auction

You Can Help

"A hospice home  provides continuity of care by hospice staff and family members in a quiet and peaceful place, thus enhancing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hospice patients and family members." 

-Sister Helen Janssen

"When dying at home is no longer an option, what could be more loving than a "home" providing 24 hour compassionate care." 
- Barb Moore, Social Worker

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