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1120 Clifton Circle, Marshall MN 56258
In 2016 we recognized the need for another residential hospice house to serve the community, given a consistent and growing waiting list at our Lockwood House. After exploring options, we purchased a home in Marshall and have spent the last several months renovating the house to meet the needs of hospice patients (and recent changes in Medicare building codes for residential hospice facilities). At McLaughlin House we will have a least two clinical staff providing direct care for up to 4 residents 24/7, ensuring that each patient receives the care and attention they deserve. Volunteers and additional staff will support the care team by providing a variety of cares and services in a cozy, comfortable home environment. McLaughlin House also offers a Family Suite to accommodate family members who wish to stay close to their loved on during the day, night, weekend, or for extended periods of time. We look forward to opening the McLaughlin House very soon.


Capital Campaign is Underway for McLaughlin House 
The Capital Campaign has begun for the purchase of a second Hospice House.  For more information or to donateplease click the link capitalcampaign  We have met our goal for donations for the Capital Campaign at the McLaughlin House, our second hospice residence. However if you would still like to donate, the cost of this project will be ongoing. 


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"A hospice home  provides continuity of care by hospice staff and family members in a quiet and peaceful place, thus enhancing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hospice patients and family members." 

-Sister Helen Janssen

"When dying at home is no longer an option, what could be more loving than a "home" providing 24 hour compassionate care." 
- Barb Moore, Social Worker

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