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Individualized care provided around the clock

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Hospice care with a special touch where ever you reside  

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Home Care

Quality medical care in the comfort of your home

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Palliative Care/Chronic Disease

Learn more about our palliative care and chronic disease management program
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You're scared, you're confused. You don't know what to do. There are so many decisions that have to be made. Fortunately, you don't have to make them alone.  Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care has the knowledge and experience to help with every aspect of care for those diagnosed with a serious illness. Call us first. Because it's never too early to get help.  We'll make all those other decisions easier.

Hospice is a special concept of care for a person in the latter stages of a terminal illness.  Our philosophy affirms life and regards death as a normal process.  The focus of care is quality of living and dignity with the patient/family retaining control of their lives and treatments.  Hospice cares for the total person with support and comfort for the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs of both patient and the family.  Hospice care is available to anyone who meets our admission criteria without regards to national origin, handicap, age, race, color, creed or ability to pay.

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Marshall MN, 56258
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If you have a serious illness, click the link for some tips on talking with your doctor: Ask Your Doctor


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"A hospice home  provides continuity of care by hospice staff and family members in a quiet and peaceful place, thus enhancing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hospice patients and family members." 

-Sister Helen Janssen

"When dying at home is no longer an option, what could be more loving than a "home" providing 24 hour compassionate care." 
- Barb Moore, Social Worker

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