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Welcome to Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care!  

As the first hospice in our area, Prairie Home Hospice has long set the standard for end-of-life care in Lyon County and the surrounding area.  Today, we continue to lead the way, with innovative programs that honor choices, preserve dignity and address the needs of those we are so privileged to serve.

In late 2013 our name changed to Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care. To expand the continuum of care, we added home health services and began serving patients in February 2014. We also added Prairie Home Salon & Spa in late 2013. We added this as a social enterprise venture.  Funds generated through our Salon & Spa help to support the hospice mission.

As a nonprofit, community effort owned by the community, supported by the community, and shaped by the communities we serve—we care for all  who need us, regardless of ability to pay.

Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care is a private, voluntary, non-profit organization. We offer hospice, home health and salon & spa services. Our primary market area is Lyon County, Minnesota and the surrounding area. 

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We are committed to serving the community through the delivery of exceptional  services and compassionate care, as a trusted leader in home care and hospice services.


Those who need home care or hospice services will receive the services they need, wherever they choose to live.

There is community awareness of home care and hospice, and the services we provide.

Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care is the provider of choice for home care and hospice in the region.


Our commitment to ensuring that the individuals and families we serve experience compassionate service, quality care, physical comfort, a sense of emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and peace of mind in a way that enriches their lives.

The right of every patient to receive quality medical care that is consistent with their values and preferences.

Excellence from highly motivated, competent and empowered staff, volunteers and board members.

A culture of collaboration among and between patient, family, medical partners, hospice staff, volunteers and the community.

Respect, honesty, integrity, confidentiality, trust and professionalism.

Responsible stewardship of the gifts and resources with which we have been entrusted.


At Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care, we understand that allowing us to come into your home and your lives to serve you is a very personal matter that demands trust and respect, which we are committed to earning. Every person and family we serve deserves the following commitment from us:

We will make every effort to provide the care you need, where you choose to live.

We will always respect you and your individual needs, preferences, values and rights.

We will always strive to make every patient and family member feel welcomed, appreciated and valued.

We will build a personal care team for you, based on your individual needs. We pledge to make every effort to ensure that your personal care team will be the team providing your care at last 90% of the time. We want you to get to know and trust the team that provides your care.

Your care team will make every effort to arrive at their scheduled time. In the event they are held up by the urgent needs of another patient or some other unavoidable circumstance, they will call to let you know if they may be running late.

Your care team will be there for you when you need them. When you call our on-call number, our goal is to ensure that a nurse respond to your call within 15 minutes, and will be at your bedside as quickly as possible if you need them.


Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care is not the only hospice and home care provider serving Lyon County. However, we are the only non-profit, freestanding hospice and home care provider serving this area that was established by the community to serve the community. We remain as committed today, to the values that we were founded on in 1984:

The kind of values that brought a community together to establish a non-profit organization to ensure that those who needed hospice care received the care they need, regardless of their ability to fully pay for that care.

The kind of values that allow us to keep the focus on the patient and family, because of the unwavering support of a caring community that expects quality and accountability, and does not see profitability as the priority. Every dollar we earn or raise stays right here in the community and is reinvested in meeting the needs of the community and those we serve.

The kind of values that respect the right of every patient to receive care that is consistent with their individual needs, preferences and values; and honors every person’s right to choose who will provide their care.

The kind of values that allow us to work collaboratively with other health care providers in the community in efforts to best serve patients in our community.

The kind of values that invite and encourage others in the community to share in the work we do through volunteer opportunities and charitable contributions.


 We are very appreciative of the support we receive from the community through donations, memorials and grant funds.  We are extremely thankful for our board, volunteers and staff who work hard to provide quality care!  

We are a proud member of We Honor Veterans, a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Veterans Administration which is designed to empower hospice professionals to meet the unique needs of dying veterans.



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"A hospice home  provides continuity of care by hospice staff and family members in a quiet and peaceful place, thus enhancing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hospice patients and family members." 

-Sister Helen Janssen

"When dying at home is no longer an option, what could be more loving than a "home" providing 24 hour compassionate care." 
- Barb Moore, Social Worker

Contact Us

Administrative Offices
408 E. Main St. Suite 8

Marshall MN, 56258
507-337-0080 Office

Lockwood House
1107 Skyline Circle
Marshall, MN 56258

McLaughlin House
1120 Clifton Circle
Marshall, MN 56258

507-929-0473 Nights and Weekends
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