Certified Home Health Agency Since 2014


At Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care, we recognize that grief is a natural, normal reaction when we experience loss. Each of us mourns the loss of a loved one differently. Mourning brings healing. Healing also requires support and understanding of others.

At Prairie Home Hospice & Community Care, we offer grief support and bereavement services including:

A monthly grief support luncheon
Grief Support Group Meetings
Bereavement services to anyone who may be experiencing loss
Grief support to students in the area
Informational and educational forums throughout the year related to terminal illness, hospice, chronic disease management, palliative care, health care directives, and other related topics.

Grief Support Group:

Share their feelings and experiences with others in a safe, comfortable, and confidential environmen
Gain a better understanding of the grieving proces
Acquire strategies and techniques to aid with the grieving process
Offer and receive companionships from others who are experiencing loss

Grief Support Luncheon:

Meets the first Wednesday of the month. Join others who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Enjoy the company and the comfort of others who understand your loss